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Cal-Bay Controls represents the following


  • Teledyne-API: NO/NO2/NOx, NO2, "True NO2", NOy, SO2, H2S, TRS, CO, CO2, O2, O3, NH3 gas analyzers; PM 2.5, PM 10, PM "Coarse", Ultrafine particulate monitors; portable and continuous calibrators; portable and continuous zero air systems
  • Cemtek Environmental: Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Ambient monitoring systems, SCR/NSCR monitoring systems, FGD minitoring systems, Data Acquisition and Handling Systems (DAHS), system upgrades and retrofits, maintenance and service support
  • Baseline (Ametek): Methane, Non-methane, Total Hydrocarbon, VOC analyzers using FID and GC technology
  • M&C TechGroup: sample probes, filters, sample chillers, conditioning systems, flow systems
  • Cemtek Instruments: combustion and process analyzers
  • ECOM USA: portable gas analyzers
  • EMRC: pitot tube and annubar mass flow monitors
  • Matheson Tri-Gas: calibration gases and regulators, gas manifolds
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